Producers – working with child voice overs

Running Voiceover Kids, a specialist voice over company for children gives me a bit of a headache – my customer! That’s because for most producers working with child voice overs (CVOs) will be new. If care isn’t taken it can be a very steep learning curve indeed. Setting up, […]

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working with very young voices (3-6)

How can you direct a child as young as five (with little or no reading skills) to
deliver a fun and natural voice over?

First things first. Children under the age of seven do not prosper in a strange studio environment surrounded by people they don’t know. Why subject them to […]

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Child licenses – who benefits?

“Hello this is a producer at a large media company. We need an eight year old voice to be in our Soho studio first thing tomorrow. What? – they can’t do 2pm? Why? Oh right they’re in school. Do they need a license? And sorry but we haven’t got […]

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