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As a voiceover would you like to make some extra money when not voicing? A production studio with empty studios waiting to be booked? Sign up and let voiceover studio finder connect you to people looking for studios nearby. "Discover and Be Discovered" It's free!

Guy Harris

Guy Harris "a sincere, versatile & reassuring voice heard worldwide" is one of the uk’s busiest british voiceovers. Winner of ‘best male voiceover’ at this years vox awards.

The Voiceover Gallery

The UK's leading voice over agency for English and over 60 foreign languages. With studios in London and Manchester TVG is a fast turnaround, first choice for short form voice over work. For help with budgeting your next project call 020 7246 3560 or email quotations@thevoiceovergallery.co.uk.

Rachael Beresford

One of the mums without whom I would definitely struggle. Rachael is an audiobook specialist with a clear soothing, gentle and precise voice that is compassionate and delicate with delightful sparkle. Rachael has a professional home studio, with Skype and ipDTL providing high quality voiceovers with a fast turnaround. rachaelberesford.com